Whistleblower Protection Laws Explained

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Whistleblower Protection Laws
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A longtime attorney with years of experience in employment law, Douglas Geyman owns and operates his legal practice in San Diego. In this capacity, Douglas Geyman offers a full range of services, including protection for whistleblowers. Defined as employees who report suspected illegal activities conducted by an employer, whistleblowers are entitled to certain legal rights under federal law.

Whistleblower protection law protects individuals from a wide range of employer retaliation, including creation of a hostile work environment and job loss. Employers may also choose to retaliate by cutting back the number of employee hours or reducing the pay rate, both of which violate the tenets of whistleblower laws. Whistleblowers receive legal protection for reporting on a variety of violations, including safety hazards and sexual harassment. The reporting of Illegal demands made on workers, such as requiring truckers to drive more hours in a row than federal regulations allow, has been the subject of legal action.