United States Chess Federation

Douglas Geyman is an attorney, a father, and a longstanding resident of San Diego, California. Prior to the birth of his children, Douglas Geyman was a member of several local chess clubs and participated in a number of competitive tournaments, such as the National Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. Today, Douglas Geyman only engages in the occasional game with his sons, but before retiring from competition, he was ranked on the national level with the United States Chess Federation.

The United States Chess Federation (or USCF) is the official organization supporting U.S. chess players and enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Persuing its mission of “extending the role of chess in American society,” the USCF oversees the organization of tournaments and championships, publishes an informative monthly magazine, and generally promotes chess education and training throughout the United States. Whether mere novices to registered grandmasters, the members of the USCF are granted privileged access to a number of books, clubs, services, and events designed to improve performance and support the game of chess as a unique art form and an exceptional form of entertainment. To date, the United States Chess Federation has grown to include more than 80,000 members and more than 2,000 affiliated clubs and associations.