Douglas Geyman: 2013 National Open Chess Championship

About Douglas Geyman:
Currently a practicing attorney in San Diego, Douglas Geyman possesses more than two decades of experience in the legal field, focusing on employment law cases. A chess enthusiast, he earned a national ranking from the U.S. Chess Federation and competed at the National Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas.

In June 2013, chess players from across the country will gather in Nevada for the National Open Championship at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Held at the Riviera Casino & Hotel, the National Open Championship consists of a six-round Swiss system tournament in which participants can choose to compete on a two- or three-day schedule. Winners will receive a share of the $80,000 prize fund.

With roots dating to 1965 when Ed Edmondson instituted the championship, the National Open endures as the longest-running open chess tournament in the United States. Fred Gruenberg holds responsibility for the 1985 reestablishment of the championship in Las Vegas, where it remains to this day as a highlight of the International Chess Festival.