How To Protect Yourself When Facing Job Loss With Douglas Geyman

Douglas Geyman has owned a law firm in San Diego since 1992. He litigates a variety of employment law cases including those involving wrongful termination and discrimination for both plaintiffs and defendants. Here, he provides some insight into the steps one should take when they unexpectedly lose a job.

Interviewer: How can unexpected job loss affect an employee?
DG: Losing one’s job unexpectedly can have a ripple effect that influences all other aspects of life. People get behind on their bills, place undue stress on their families, and sometimes even lose their homes and vehicles. 

Interviewer: What can employees do to ensure that their employers are on the same page regarding job loss and terms of employment?
DG: Get everything in writing. This includes the details of your severance package, contracts, or any other negotiations you and your employer have engaged in.

Interviewer: How can an employee protect himself or herself against being taken advantage of?
DG: Remain calm and do not be afraid to seek professional help after an unexpected job loss. Attorneys such as myself are well-versed in employment law and can protect employees and their families after such an event.