Douglas Geyman: 2013 National Open Chess Championship

About Douglas Geyman:
Currently a practicing attorney in San Diego, Douglas Geyman possesses more than two decades of experience in the legal field, focusing on employment law cases. A chess enthusiast, he earned a national ranking from the U.S. Chess Federation and competed at the National Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas.

In June 2013, chess players from across the country will gather in Nevada for the National Open Championship at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Held at the Riviera Casino & Hotel, the National Open Championship consists of a six-round Swiss system tournament in which participants can choose to compete on a two- or three-day schedule. Winners will receive a share of the $80,000 prize fund.

With roots dating to 1965 when Ed Edmondson instituted the championship, the National Open endures as the longest-running open chess tournament in the United States. Fred Gruenberg holds responsibility for the 1985 reestablishment of the championship in Las Vegas, where it remains to this day as a highlight of the International Chess Festival.


Douglas Geyman: What Action to Take After You Have Been Wrongfully Fired

San Diego-based attorney Douglas Geyman is the owner of the Law Offices of Douglas E. Geyman. He has been recognized as one of the area’s best employment law practitioners by the San Diego County Bar Association for two years in a row.

After being wrongfully dismissed, it is important not to take any rash negative action against your former employer. Instead, you should become familiar with the process which led to your dismissal and the rights you hold as an employee as stated in your employment contract. Here are some specific things that you should do now:

-Review your contract for the conditions of your employment.

-Become aware of why you were fired and who made the decision.

-Familiarize yourself with your performance reviews and the personnel file held on you by the human resources department.

-Negotiate a severance package.

You are entitled to protect your rights, provided that you follow standard employment procedure. It is advisable to have an employment law specialist to help handle your case.

Douglas Geyman: Protecting Employee Rights in Termination

As a recognized employment law attorney in San Diego, California, Douglas Geyman has been helping his clients fight wrongful terminations for over 16 years. 

Many businesses have lawyers under contract or on staff, and if you have been unfairly or illegally terminated, you also need to protect your interests by hiring a skilled employment lawyer like Douglas Geyman. Hiring a lawyer provides you access to information about your case that you might not otherwise obtain. A lawyer can review all files related to your employment, depose your employer as to the reasons for dismissal, and gather evidence, such as emails, memos, and meeting and phone call notes.

Your lawyer can use this information to protect your rights and recover what is owed by negotiating the terms of your dismissal, obtaining an advantageous severance package, ensuring that your employer follows through on post-employment promises, and, if necessary, representing you in court.

How To Protect Yourself When Facing Job Loss With Douglas Geyman

Douglas Geyman has owned a law firm in San Diego since 1992. He litigates a variety of employment law cases including those involving wrongful termination and discrimination for both plaintiffs and defendants. Here, he provides some insight into the steps one should take when they unexpectedly lose a job.

Interviewer: How can unexpected job loss affect an employee?
DG: Losing one’s job unexpectedly can have a ripple effect that influences all other aspects of life. People get behind on their bills, place undue stress on their families, and sometimes even lose their homes and vehicles. 

Interviewer: What can employees do to ensure that their employers are on the same page regarding job loss and terms of employment?
DG: Get everything in writing. This includes the details of your severance package, contracts, or any other negotiations you and your employer have engaged in.

Interviewer: How can an employee protect himself or herself against being taken advantage of?
DG: Remain calm and do not be afraid to seek professional help after an unexpected job loss. Attorneys such as myself are well-versed in employment law and can protect employees and their families after such an event.

Douglas Geyman Discusses the Benefits of Chess

One of the most popular games in recorded history, chess has been followed, enjoyed, and played by people all over the world. Many study classic chess matches to learn techniques and ways to improve their skills. Considered by some to be the “game of kings,” it also offers numerous benefits not present in other activities.

Chess enhances the mind in a myriad of ways. In one study, 4,000 Venezuelan students underwent four months of chess instruction, and they showed higher IQ scores than their contemporaries at the end of the investigation. The New England Journal of Medicine published a report indicating that the game can combat Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions by keeping the brain active. Moreover, participating in chess bolsters both sides of the brain and heightens creativity and memory.

About the Author:

A chess aficionado, Douglas Geyman obtained a national ranking with the US Chess Federation and competed in the National Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas. One of the San Diego Bar Association’s “Best Attorneys,” Geyman practices in the area of employment law, including cases of wrongful termination and discrimination.

What Is Wrongful Termination? By Douglas Geyman

cleveland-wrongful-termination-lawyerWhile there are several legitimate reasons for employees to be let go, employers who violate the legal rights of those who work for them can be subject to lawsuits due to wrongful termination. Employment laws at the federal and state levels protect employees from illegitimate and unfair firing practices and are enforced with court rulings that may result in monetary compensation and even reinstatement.

Employees who feel they have been wrongfully terminated may pursue court intervention if their employers:
1. Do not abide by either written or oral agreements pertaining to employment.
2. Retaliate against employees.
3. Violate labor laws.
4. Engage in sexual harassment or allow harassment to continue despite complaints.
5. Violate anti-discrimination laws.

Douglas Geyman owns and operates Law Offices of Douglas E. Geyman in San Diego. He has practiced law since 1992 and was named to the Best Attorneys list for employment law by the San Diego Bar Association.

An Overview of Employment Discrimination

By Douglas Geyman

Federal and state laws have been passed to protect employees from mistreatment. While employers retain the ability to run their businesses as they see fit, there remains a need to ensure that employees are not discriminated against based on reasons beyond their control. The protection created by these laws covers not only termination of the employer-employee relationship, but also aspects of the working relationship between the two parties.

The basis for discrimination claims may include national origin, age, or sex. Additionally, employees cannot be fired or mistreated based on their religion, disability, pregnancy, or age. Since protection is afforded under both federal and state laws, it is important that a discharged or mistreated employee seek redress under both sets of applicable regulations.

About the Author:

Based in downtown San Diego, California, attorney Douglas Geyman focuses most of his practice on several areas of employment law, including discrimination. Having practiced for 20 years, Douglas Geyman understands many facets of this area and has the ability to counsel clients on all possible claims against an employer based on misconduct that violates the law.