Discrimination Claims Against an Employer

Discrimination Cases pic
Discrimination Cases

With a successful practice in the San Diego area, attorney Douglas Geyman has emerged as an authority in the field of employment law. Douglas Geyman deals with a large volume of casework in matters of discrimination. In employment law, discrimination refers to unfair or unequal treatment by an employer on the basis of factors such as age, race, disability, or gender.

Before taking on a discrimination case, employment attorneys typically begin by determining whether an employee belongs to a protected class. If so, the employment attorney can begin reviewing all statements and correspondences with the client’s employer. Although many companies attempt to justify job termination with reasons such as budget constraints or poor performance, an in-depth analysis can sometimes disprove these claims. For example, an employee may receive a poor performance rating that supposedly justifies firing. If an employer uses different performance criteria for that employee than for others doing similar work, and the employee is a member of a protected class, the employee may be able to file a discrimination lawsuit.


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