Douglas Geyman: What Action to Take After You Have Been Wrongfully Fired

San Diego-based attorney Douglas Geyman is the owner of the Law Offices of Douglas E. Geyman. He has been recognized as one of the area’s best employment law practitioners by the San Diego County Bar Association for two years in a row.

After being wrongfully dismissed, it is important not to take any rash negative action against your former employer. Instead, you should become familiar with the process which led to your dismissal and the rights you hold as an employee as stated in your employment contract. Here are some specific things that you should do now:

-Review your contract for the conditions of your employment.

-Become aware of why you were fired and who made the decision.

-Familiarize yourself with your performance reviews and the personnel file held on you by the human resources department.

-Negotiate a severance package.

You are entitled to protect your rights, provided that you follow standard employment procedure. It is advisable to have an employment law specialist to help handle your case.