Douglas Geyman: Protecting Employee Rights in Termination

As a recognized employment law attorney in San Diego, California, Douglas Geyman has been helping his clients fight wrongful terminations for over 16 years. 

Many businesses have lawyers under contract or on staff, and if you have been unfairly or illegally terminated, you also need to protect your interests by hiring a skilled employment lawyer like Douglas Geyman. Hiring a lawyer provides you access to information about your case that you might not otherwise obtain. A lawyer can review all files related to your employment, depose your employer as to the reasons for dismissal, and gather evidence, such as emails, memos, and meeting and phone call notes.

Your lawyer can use this information to protect your rights and recover what is owed by negotiating the terms of your dismissal, obtaining an advantageous severance package, ensuring that your employer follows through on post-employment promises, and, if necessary, representing you in court.