Douglas Geyman Discusses the Benefits of Chess

One of the most popular games in recorded history, chess has been followed, enjoyed, and played by people all over the world. Many study classic chess matches to learn techniques and ways to improve their skills. Considered by some to be the “game of kings,” it also offers numerous benefits not present in other activities.

Chess enhances the mind in a myriad of ways. In one study, 4,000 Venezuelan students underwent four months of chess instruction, and they showed higher IQ scores than their contemporaries at the end of the investigation. The New England Journal of Medicine published a report indicating that the game can combat Alzheimer’s disease and similar conditions by keeping the brain active. Moreover, participating in chess bolsters both sides of the brain and heightens creativity and memory.

About the Author:

A chess aficionado, Douglas Geyman obtained a national ranking with the US Chess Federation and competed in the National Open Chess Tournament in Las Vegas. One of the San Diego Bar Association’s “Best Attorneys,” Geyman practices in the area of employment law, including cases of wrongful termination and discrimination.