An Overview of Employment Discrimination

By Douglas Geyman

Federal and state laws have been passed to protect employees from mistreatment. While employers retain the ability to run their businesses as they see fit, there remains a need to ensure that employees are not discriminated against based on reasons beyond their control. The protection created by these laws covers not only termination of the employer-employee relationship, but also aspects of the working relationship between the two parties.

The basis for discrimination claims may include national origin, age, or sex. Additionally, employees cannot be fired or mistreated based on their religion, disability, pregnancy, or age. Since protection is afforded under both federal and state laws, it is important that a discharged or mistreated employee seek redress under both sets of applicable regulations.

About the Author:

Based in downtown San Diego, California, attorney Douglas Geyman focuses most of his practice on several areas of employment law, including discrimination. Having practiced for 20 years, Douglas Geyman understands many facets of this area and has the ability to counsel clients on all possible claims against an employer based on misconduct that violates the law.